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About Us

The evolution of ESBR Boxing mirrors the journey of a prizefighter. Initially the sole remit of the dream, it was conceived in a pique of inspiration, growing upon the dual foundations of ambition and a desire to cover boxing more authentically than what was the known industry standard; it’s initial, tentative spit-and-sawdust engagements being honed in England’s North West, covering gritty small hall shows – those that remain untelevised and with an allure that only the passionately ardent seem to love.


Building upon one’s record and learning one’s craft, ESBR Boxing soon graduated to larger venues and thus began the process of interviewing fighters on the same journey and at the same level as itself; fighters such as Craig Richards & Daniel Dubois. And it was at this juncture that its team also began to swell. The arc had been built and it was showing sufficient promise that external investors – of both time and money – approached, looking to offer their assistance and counsel to propel and take it to the next level. In the eyes of those watching, ESBR Boxing had graduated from beginner professional to consideration as a young prospect.


The profile continued to grow. No longer did it feature solely on bills within the North West, but ESBR Boxing was instead now nationwide. Access increased and it was with great pride that those of us who exist under its banner made our debut at The York Hall in June 2017. We are now a regular feature at Bethnal Green’s iconic venue and have sat ringside for such notable contests as Martin Bakole vs Michael Hunter & more recently Jazza Dickens vs Leigh Wood, and post-fight-interviewed such renowned pugilists as Kody Davies, Callum Johnson and Linus Udofia.


In February 2019, we ascended a further level, finding ourselves booked upon larger bills – Queensberry and Matchroom promotions – and interviewing contenders, journeymen, world champions and elite level fighters alike. But we have never forgotten our humble origins, or the purity of that initial ambition, and so we continue to cover boxing at all levels and give a voice and an outlet to anyone who is as passionate about the fistic arts as we are.

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