Three Amigos Review

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

So last night we attended the latest offering from VIP Boxing promotions at the Victoria Warehouse in Trafford.

As expected the show was another great event with plenty of action with some of the hottest talent in the North West on show. We were also invited to commentate on the Charlie Schofield and Callum Pearson bouts which was an absolute pleasure to be part of and something we will certainly be looking at doing again in the future.

Lets get in to the action of the night, first up was Ely "El Magico" Murphy making his professional debut over four rounds against Mr Reliable Kristian Laight.

Murphy came out of the blocks flying trageting the body of Laight with great success. His ability to switch from head to body really kept Laight on the back foot and it was the first time for a while that its looked like Mr Reliable may possibly be stopped!

In the second round Murphy continued to dominate utilizing his clear physical strength to back up Laight, Murphy threw a right hook which landed beautifully and hurt Laight which put him straight into survival mode. Ely continued to dominate proceedings with the right hand over the top.

The third and forth rounds were very much the same, Murphy continued to pummel Laight, who at this point was just looking to survive with being knocked out.

The fight ended and much to the delight of the home crowd Murphy got the victory with a 40-36 decision and a great start to his professional career.

VIP's Lee Hogan caught with Ely after the fight, hear what he had to say about his debut.


After taking nearly a year out after his first defeat to Nathan Hardy, local lad Ryan Oliver was looking to bounce back as he went one on one with Dylan Draper in a four round super welterweight contest.

Ryan came out in the first round and used the jab well to keep Draper on his toes, but then followed this up with some crisp clean combinations which opened up the guard of Draper and gave Oliver the opportunity to capitalize.

In the second round Oliver caught Draper with a hard left jab which seemed to rock Draper and put him on the back foot. Oliver cut the ring off really well last night and when Draper mounted an offence, Oliver caught him with some great counter shots, particular a jab, right hand combination really seemed to affect Draper who went on the move quickly. Over the course of rounds three and four Oliver continued to show the crowd what he had learnt from the defeat to Hardy and looked in great form as he marched on to a 40-36 victory over Draper.

Great performance from Ryan Oliver, he really showed that the time away and defeat had motivated him to make some changes, he looked like a different fighter out there last night.

Ryan caught up with VIPtv after the fight, hear what he had to say below.


Next up was the second of the Ashton Under Lyne based fighters and the undefeated Charlie Schofield going up against very late replacement Curtis Gargano, the opponent Schofield faced back in June this year.

Schofield came out and immediately went to the body of Gargano who looked a little out of shape, so the tactics from Rob Rimmer was obviously to slow Gargano down and possibly get the stoppage.

Gargano struggled to get anywhere near Schofield due to the sheer difference in reach and height. Schofield continued to work the body and in the second round seemed to step up the pace. Gargano gave some great moments of entertainment with his goading and Ali shuffle, but this was all a ploy to try and put Charlie off his game, and it didnt work as in the third round it looked like Schofield could get the stoppage as he put in a barrage of head and body shots which seemed to back Gargano up, however the experienced journyman was able to survive.

In the remaining three rounds Charlie seemed to take his foot off the gas and cruised his way to a shutout decision over Gargano. Obviously it was disappointing for Charlie not to have had that step up in opponent but it was a great opportunity to put into practice the work from the gym

We were invited to commentate on this bout which was a pleasure as we have seen Charlie in the gym and interviewed him a few weeks back so it was good to see the hard work going to good use.

Check out Charlie's post fight interview below


Callum Pearson was next up and looking for his first professional win over Sean Gorman who was coming back to boxing after five years out.

Pearson lost his pro debut against Willie Warburton, but didn't look in shape and fully prepared for that fight and was certainly looking to get the win.

Pearson came out in the first round and made his intentions clear, cutting off the ring and utilizing the jab over the smaller opponent. Callum continued to work the body and head in perfect fashion, and what he learnt from the defeat was not to stand and trade with his opponent, he got in and out when he needed to which was a great improvement to see. Gorman did show signs of offence in the bout but it as handled well by Pearson who covered up well and the responded immediately which appeared to knock the confidence out of Gorman.

Callum Pearson picked up the win much to the delight of the travelling support from Barrow In Furness. He now moves on to 1-1 record and will be looking to build on this win.

Hear Callum giving his thoughts on the win below


Kane Gardner was next to enter the ring making his transition from decorated amateur to professional against well known journeyman Yousef Al-Hamedi.

Gardner came out in the first round and make his mark on his opponent showing his great jab and then switiching the body which immediatley put Al-Hamedi on the move. The second round Gardner stepped up the pace showing a great variety of punches from hooks, to uppercuts which really kept his opponent from mounting any kind of offence against him.

The third and forth rounds were the same, with Gardner throwing in some heavy body shots which backed up Al-Hamedi, who was in complete survival mode at this point. As expected Kane Gardner shone under the bright lights as his picked up a 40-36 decision.

Listen to Kane give his thoughts on his debut below


Macaulay McGowan vs Willie Warburton

Macaulay was looking to extend his unbeaten run as he took on Willie Warburton, this fight started out well with both men exchanging blows from the opening bell. McGowan targeted the body of Warburton early on, but Warburton was quick to respond and looked like he was going to give McGowan a hard nights work.

As the fight went on McGowan's class came to the forefront of the bout with some great switching from head to body and cutting the ring off well restricting the movement of Warburton.

The mid rounds of the bout McGowan seemed to take his foot off the gas and allowed Warburton to land a few shots, but McGowan dealt with the storm and responded well with some great counter shots.

The fight went the distance and McGowan came out victorious with a points decision, and a great learning fight. McGowan now takes his record to 12-0-1

Listen to Macaulay's post fight interview below


Next up was for me was my prediction for fight of the night with Ashley Peyton going head to head with Bilal Rehman in a battle of the undefeated fighters.

The fight started out a very high tempo with Rehman using the jab well to set up the big right hand, Peyton tried to respond with counter shots but was not able to initially get in range to land them.

As the fight warmed up Rehman started to land some crisp and clean shots which backed Peyton up on a couple of occassions, that was until Rehman landed with a great right hand in the forth round which put Peyton to the canvas in what looked a heavy knockdown. Much to the credit of Peyton he got up and survived the round.

In between rounds the Peyton corner was imploring their man to use the counter left hook more, in the fifth and sixth rounds this was successful as Rehman was forced to eat a few counter a left hooks. Rehman responded well with some great counter punching of his at this point Peyton was looking pretty tired and was taking quite a few shots.

In the final round controversy struck as the referee had called a break and Rehman caught Peyton with a great shot in a similar situation to Mayweather-Ortiz a couple years back, Peyton hit the deck and this time struggled to get to his feet, he got up at the count of nine but the referee waved the fight off.

Bilal Rehman picked up an impressive stoppage win and his first professional title. Ashley Peyton was taken to the hospital for checks and has since posted on social media that he had been suffering with Renal failure which he was not aware of pre fight and the issue was caused due to dropping the weight in a short space of time.

I am sure Peyton will be back and learn from this fight, he certainly has the tools to carve a good career. Rehman now goes on to a battle with Liverpool's Ryan Mulachay one which will be a cracker!

Listen to what both Rehman and Peyton had to say after their battle