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If there was one fight to watch this weekend, it was Terrence Crawford vs Jeff Horn. Crawford delivered....and boy did he deliver, giving us the stoppage most wanted to see. Crawford's phenomenal performance ended Horn’s second title defense in a 9th-round TKO with Crawford’s full domination and display of masterful skill.

Few have questioned Crawford's skill in the Jr. Welterweight division, but many have doubted his power in a higher weight class. With this victory, he's definitely proved he will likely dominate at Welterweight.

Horn seemingly had plenty of excuses prior to the bout, almost as if to plant the seed for an unjustified loss, but it was pleasantly surprising to hear no excuses from him post-fight. He showed great sportsmanship and paid his respect to the well-deserved Crawford.

It was a great fight in an amazing night of boxing, leaving fans fully satisfied, even with UK's Tyson Fury and Sefer Seferi's odd matchup and middle-of-the-ring love fest.

It was an entertaining night to say the least.

Who will Crawford face next? The possibilities are just too exciting. The most anticipated opponent is that of Errol Spence. A match-up that would be challenging to predict the outcome. More will be known after watching Spence’s fight this Saturday, June 16th, against Carlos Ocampo in Brooklyn, NY televised by Showtime.

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