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‘Big Ben’ Thomas makes his awaited debut in his hometown of Bolton on Sat 29th Sept. The experienced amateur is in no mood to wait around and can’t wait to show his home crowd the vast array of skills this young fighter possesses. A relative newcomer to the Farrell stable Ben could not be happier with the team behind him. ‘Kieran and Nathan are both top trainers and I feel like I’ve learnt so much over the past 4 weeks, growing as a boxer and a person.’ Despite it being Ben’s debut there are no nerves to be seen whilst discussing things with the youngster.

‘I truly believe I’ve got 2 of the best coaches in the sport today, they push me every session and whilst getting the best out of me at the time, they also show me how to improve so I’ll keep getting better. One things for sure, making your debut on a show called Rolling the Dice shows the faith that the Farrells have in their boxers skills and the confidence of Ben himself, there’s no easy fights this night and everyone will have to work for their W. For tickets for the event at Bolton Whites hotel, contact Kieran Farrell or Ben himself on social media.

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