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KSI vs Logan Paul - An event not to miss or a slap in the face of fighters worldwide?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

This coming Saturday 25th August two of the most popular YouTubers do battle in Manchester, England to settle their online social media "beef" in an exhibition bout for the YouTube Championship.

On Saturday we have two men with very limited experience that are going to get in the ring in front of a supposed sell out crowd of 21,000 (mostly 12 year old) fans that are going to make more money for this bout than most fighters will ever dare to dream of.

KSI & Logan Paul have both made their millions from their respective YouTube channels providing daily content to subscribers all over the world, which in this generation seems to be the way to legitimately make money by posting videos of yourself doing what millions of others do every day.

Anyone that makes the decision to enter into to sport has my upmost respect. They are out there trying to make a living, working hard to juggle the life of working full time, selling tickets, training in the evening, sacrificing time with loved ones to get themselves into shape only to fight on a small hall show in front of around 300 people. Some will go on to become great fighters and champions of the future, others will not, but will make a decent living of the sport by the time its all said and done.

The event on Saturday has attracted attention from all over the world, with media outlets vying to get themselves accreditation for the show, but for me this is a slap in the face of all the genuine hardworking family men and women out there that will never get this kind of exposure, that will be in some of the best fights you will ever see live, which will never be televised.

Whilst the event will have this generation of teenagers salivating at the mouth to tune into, it certainly also dumps all over the sport as whole, and people may say "any press is good press" in this instance this is just a full on insult to all the men and women that have ever stepped foot into the squared circle.

Let us know your thoughts on the event

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