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This Saturday the biggest boxing match of the year will take place, the highly-anticipated rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin.

The pair last fought in September 2017 where they battled to a controversial draw, with many fans believing GGG done enough to deserve a decision. They were rescheduled to fight again on May 5th but Canelo Alvarez shockingly tested positive for a banned substance called clenbuterol, the substance is believed to help strip fat and build lean muscle. Canelo said he was unaware this was in his system and blamed contaminated meat from his home country of Mexico, saying farmers use it to fatten up their livestock.

Canelo was given a 6 month ban which meant that the scheduled fight was off. GGG went on to fight on the date of May 5th and dismantled former world title challenger Vanes Martirosyan in the second round.

After all the commotion of the recent affairs the two teams came back together to come to a deal for the rematch, this also nearly jeopardized their second meeting as GGG wanted a bigger slice of the pie this time around but eventually after a lengthy negotiation they came to a deal and the fight was back on and set for September 15th.

Within the year, the fighter’s opinions of each other have certainly changed, both used to have a level of respect for eachother but now they feel there is own malice between them.

Canelo vows that in the rematch he will be the aggressor and will deliver a knockout on Saturday night and prove he is the best in the division and boxing’s number one star. With this being his second fight at 160lbs he has said he is now very comfortable in the weight class and has only improved since the year layoff.

GGG on the other hand has said Canelo is bad for the sport and should have been more harshly punished for his actions. He also vows that he will not leave the fight in the judges hands this time around and expects a knockout,

You can watch the fight o BT Sport box office with the card starting at 11:30pm and the big fight looking to begin around 4am.

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