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George Lamport in action

Once labelled the “The English Lomachenko” by Boxing News, light middleweight, George Lamport (6-0) had somewhat of a breakout year on the UK small hall circuit in 2018.

The year started with a dominant points win over William Warburton at York Hall for Noble Art Boxing, followed by back to back performances on Siesta Boxing’s Bracknell based promotions in July and September. After a solid 60-55-decision victory over Edvinas Puplauskas, Lamport would step into the ring with Konrad Stempkowski (8-0), a big step up in opposition where Lamport would play co-main event in Siesta Boxing’s ‘Bracknell Boxing Carnival’.

“It’s one of those things, I’ve always said I’ll take any fight! Records are for DJ’s.” Lamport said when referencing to the build up against Stempkowski.

“I knew I had the better pedigree than him and I was pretty confident. I spoke to Al (Siesta) on the phone and told me I would stop him, but I stopped him in the fashion nobody expected. Nobody expected me to get the stoppage by me physically stopping him, most expected it to be waved off with him still on his feet!”

Lamport continued, discussing the aftermath of his 4th round stoppage “It was my first stoppage as a professional and it shot the confidence right up there. I had been working with Lenny Fletcher, Johnny Edwards and Kazzy Kindon to improve my power. Me were trying to get me to sit at the right times and offer more than just my boxing. In my last fight we showed that I can fight and we combined slick movement with power punches.”

Having worked closely on George’s previous two fights, I saw a much improved and blood hungry fighter in his most recent performance to that of his Bracknell debut in July. At 22 years old, Lamport appears to be developing nicely into a serious prospect.

“Puplauskas? You have to be careful with him as he swings shots in from all angles and I’m clever enough to think to myself; if he’s swinging shots in, one could clip you and turn you off. It’s happened to a few people I know! Nick Webb and Naylor Ball it happened to against Kamil Sokolowski.”

Training out of The Guildford City Boxing Gym, Trainer Johnny Edwards has built a strong team ethic amongst his stable where each fighter feels passionately for each other’s well being. Edwards had five fighters take the ring that evening in Bracknell, with two of his stable mates suffering big stoppage defeats as Lamport watched from a distance in the lead up to his co-main event slot on the biggest night of his career. Surely nerves set in?

“I was watching them fight and it hits you hard, really hard. But luckily enough for me Darren Codona from gym came over and told be to switch on and think about myself. It really helped as I care about the guys in the gym, but Darren’s words made me focus.”

Next up for Lamport is yet another appearance on an Al Siesta promoted show, taking on Ellis Corrie on March 17th at Bracknell Sports Centre. On now a hat trick of events worked with the Russian promoter the pair have struck up a good working relationship.

“I like working with Al (Siesta), it’s very straight forward. He messages me the deal and what is going on, we sort everything out with no issue. I’ve found Al Siesta very easy to work with.

“I’m looking to combine all I learnt from my first six fights and put it all into action on March 17th. I’m looking to put myself out there. As I was watching the (Ted) Cheeseman fight against (Sergio) Garcia I was delighted with what I saw! I was on a bit of a high when Cheeseman got beat and messaged Al Siesta after the fight saying ‘Cheeseman got beat my way!’ Ted got beaten by Garcia very similar to how I fight. I have a lot of time for Ted Cheeseman, but I’m now thinking I am not far from that level!”

Talking of levels, Lamport will be sharing the arena with another local light middleweight in Asinia Byfield, who just so happened to taste defeat to Ted Cheeseman towards the end of 2018. I couldn’t help but ask, “Is Byfield a fight that interests you?”

“I think Byfield is a very good underrated fighter. He did lose to Cheeseman, but Cheeseman is a top rated British fighter and still the British champ. I am only 22 and Asinia is 28 or 29. I’m in a postiton where I can bide my time and Asinia is at a stage where he really has to fight for the British title again as that’s what he has got left. Do I need to fight Byfield? No, but if the fight was made I would have no qualms about it. He’s a good guy and I wish him all the best.”

When speaking to many young fighters trying to plot their path to stardom, the age-old question always arises; how far do you think you can go in boxing? Lamport’s response was quite different to what I had previously heard from many of his colleagues.

“I’ve always said; the day I stop smiling will be the day I stop. I box because I enjoy it; people say you don’t play boxing, but I’ve done a very good at it so far. I treat it as game because I love it, the day I take it too seriously is the day I am going to stop!”

In many ways George’s approach to boxing is very refreshing, it seems to have endeared him to his local Farnborough, being the record ticket seller on his last outing in Bracknell.

“It’s nice to fight in Bracknell, my fans can get there quite easily and I think Bracknell has some real boxing fans. Siesta’s show was so good last time I think we will see more come along this time as we had 6 knockouts in 8 fights.”

Next up for Lamport is Ellis Corrie on March 17th at Bracknell Sport Centre, which is a far cry from the names of Sergio Garcia and Ted Cheeseman. However the beat goes on as “The Matrix” hopes to move to 7-0 at the young age of 22 and continue his development in what Lamport describes as a “game to be enjoyed”.

Tickets can be purchased direct from George on 07867 505173 and is proudly sponsored by PWM Scaffolding, The Whitely Clinic, Pave Power, BML Brickwork and Big School.

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