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Despite 2 televised shows taking place in the UK on Saturday night, it’s unlikely that either of them could match the atmosphere at a packed out York Hall that saw the UK debut of welterweight Florian Marku.

Cheered on by hundreds of Albanian’s in attendance, the ex-MMA fighter made short work of Slovakian Ivan Godor, forcing the Referee to intervene in the 2nd round after various knockdowns.

The famous York Hall atmosphere was out in force, rather remarkably so considering the main event being a 4 rounder. In regards to the fight itself, Marku took an aggressive, come forward approach from the first bell, not allowing Godor any time to recover properly after each knockdown.

Clearly a class apart, the Albanian may spend a limited amount of time both at the level of opponent as well as the size of venue given the rich following that attended on Saturday night.

Other Results Included:

Brad Pauls (10-0) vs Konstantin Alexandrov (8-38) – Middleweight

After a one-sided 1st round, Pauls moved to 11-0 forcing the tough Bulgarian to go down after a brutal body shot.

Pauls later confirmed that after not fighting since October, he’ll be returning to the ring on April 20th.

Ramez Mahmood (9-0) vs Edward Bjorklund (1-19) – Super-Featherweight

‘The Mathemagician’ returned to the ring after initially being scheduled to fight last weekend.

Boxing the awkward Bjorklund who was fighting in his 4th bout of the month, Mahmood calculated his way to victory, winning every round of the contest. Initially winning the battle of the jabs, Mahmood showed the crowd who the more skilled boxer was, out-smarting Bjorklund more and more as the fight reached its end.

Tipped for titles, Mahmood is one to keep an eye out for in 2019.

Jonathan Palata (4-0) vs Chris Healey (8-5) – Heavyweight

In an entertaining heavyweight contest, Jonathan Palata trained by Don Charles performed well against a game Phil Williams. Taking the fight at short notice, Williams enjoyed a semi-late flurry in the final round but ultimately came up short on the scorecard after coming off worse of the majority of exchanges.

David Abraham (6-0) vs Miles Willington – Heavyweight

Weighing over 500 pounds between the two of them, David Abraham out-pointed Miles Willington to move to 7-0.

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