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Last Saturday in the Centro de Espectáculos del Recinto Ferial, Metepec in Mexico, Andrew Selby suffered the first defeat of his professional career. Ahead on the scorecards, going in to round five, a sickening body shot floored Selby who was unable to beat the referees count.

There was controversy regarding the stoppage with many saying the count didn’t get to ten before the referee waved it off. However there were no complaints from the Selby corner, and judging, by the way, he returned to his corner he wouldn’t have recovered anyway.

It was always going to be a tough task fighting a Mexican in his backyard, a fight you wonder Selby wouldn’t have taken if he was signed by Matchroom or Frank Warren, but possibly the temptation of the winner becoming mandatory to Charlie Edwards WBC title made it a risk worth taking.

What next for Selby? Surely he needs a good promotion team behind him. Such a talent not with a major promoter is a mystery.

I don’t think anybody would begrudge him an “easier” comeback fight on home soil. Then he must be looking at the European title route. With a team behind him, a fight with current undefeated European titleholder Vincent Legrand would be a good fight, though Legrand does not fight out of France much this fight with the right promotion would have a good turnout in the UK.

There are some good domestic fights out there for Selby. An all Welsh clash against Swansea’s Jay Harris, current English champion Steven Maguire who is starting to make a name for himself?

One thing that is important to remember Selby has only had 12 fights, a relative novice despite winning the British title so early in his career. This defeat is not a disaster, it must be looked upon as a learning experience. Going to Mexico to fight a Mexican fighter is only going to give a good experience to a young fighter irrelevant of the result.

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