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Jazza Dickens is honoured to be returning to Liverpool for the first time in over three years as he prepares to face Nasibu Ramadhan in a final eliminator for the Commonwealth featherweight title at the Olympia on April 19. Dickens (25-3) is the main event as #MTKFightNight returns to Merseyside, with Dickens back at the venue where he made his professional debut. That bout was on the undercard of a Derry Mathews fight, and with Mathews now in the corner of Dickens, the Liverpool star feels everything has come full circle as he prepares to represent his city. Dickens said: “Liverpool is my home. I love this place and my first professional fight was in the Olympia on the undercard of Derry Mathews. "It was ram packed and was unbelievable. Since then I’ve topped bills and won titles at the Olympia, but this time I’m going back to the Olympia with Derry in my corner to fight for my city. “When I say I love Liverpool I really mean I have a passion for the people in my city. I love them as they are the salt of the earth, and the support has been bigger than ever before. “I couldn’t tell you why that is but I have really taken off since going away for a while, and I can only keep repeating myself but thank you Liverpool. It’s the best feeling headlining, and I soak it all up. “I enjoy the warm up, the ring walk, the announcement, the referee’s instructions, the fight, the corner instructions and the hugs and kisses afterwards! I hope that Liverpool know the words to Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel, because it’s going to be an incredible atmosphere.” The event at the Liverpool Olympia also features a number of exciting stars, including Brian Rose, Tasha Jonas, JJ Meltcalf, Alex Dickinson, Raza Hamza and many more.

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