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As a young boy living in a world flooded with technology, the dream of becoming a professional boxer seems more of a possibility than ever before. 

Dylan Evans had been boxing on and off in the amateurs for a while before turning professional in 2017. A sport he has loved since he was a child, the thought of being able to compete professionally motivated Dylan to train as hard as he could, working in a gym which featured former a world champion in Terry Flanagan as well as renowned Manchester trainer Steve Maylett. 

The long awaited debut came in October 2017 when Dylan shone under the bright lights of the squared circle, picking up the victory via points decision over well known journeyman Joe Beeden. This looked like it could be the start of a great twelve months for Evans, who was looking ahead to having three of four more fights in 2018. 

Boxing as a business is just as tough for fighters, as it is in the ring. After having two fights fall through, it was becoming increasingly difficult for Evans to be able to sustain a living and thus struggling at times to even afford to buy basic things needed in day to day life. 

A difficult decision had to be made at this point. Carry on and struggle to live, or find full-time employment and sacrifice time in the boxing gym. Ultimatley, Evans made the decision to take up an opportunity to work away from home and earn a living.

"It was a hard decision to make leaving behind all the progress I had made in the gym, but I was not getting the fights and this left me with little to no money to live"

After a year away from the sport and a long hiatus from the boxing gym, one of Dylan's idols. former WBA World Lightweight Champion Anthony Crolla, approached him with the possibility of becoming his manager and trainer.

Without hesitation Dylan accepted the proposal and has been back in the gym since December preparing for his return,

"It has taken a little bit of time to adjust to training in a different way as well as fitting in around the work/life balance, but I feel this time I am more prepared to juggle all the commitments"

"Steve [Evans' former trainer] taught me everything I know up to now, and I will always be grateful for that, however with Anthony I was able fit in our sessions in around my work which is something I could not do before and with me training at my old amateur gym it made sense for me to make the switch".

"It took me a few sessions to get back into it but I feel like I am learning a more relaxed style, but it is going to take time to fully adjust"

Dylan will be looking to restart his career as he returns to the ring on the 11th May in Bury on a show promoted by Kieran Farell.

"It feels like it is going to be my debut all over again, and I need to make up for lost time.I cannot wait until the 11th May where I get the opportunity to reignite my boxing career"

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