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The Australian Sensations Andrew and Jason Moloney return to the ring on June 15 on the latest instalment of the Boxing Mania series at Seagulls Stadium, Kingscliff Australia.

In what some are seeing as an unprecedented move, the brothers are appearing on the same show, in a similar setup to that of the Klitschko's in the early stages of their careers, despite knowing that either brother could draw a massive crowd on his own. Promoter Tony Tolj of Dragon Fire Boxing opened up about the decision to place both Moloney brothers on the same card on June 15.

Tolj said, "This could be one of the last times you see Andrew and Jason boxing in Australia. We all have our eyes set on taking over the world, with Andrew looking to clash with Kal Yafai and Jason eyeing Libero Solis for versions of the WBA world titles at Super Flyweight and Bantamweight.

"We understand that these fights could be on the horizon, and the chances of the brothers boxing in the USA or Europe are very high, so we want to give back to the Australian public by letting the boys fight in front of their home crowd prior to these eventualities occurring."

With huge clashes on the horizon for both Andrew and Jason Moloney, the pair individually assessed their outing on June 15 and what lies ahead for themselves going forward.

Andrew stated, "I'm delighted to be boxing on June 15 at Boxing Mania 6 in front of my friends, family and supporters. I really want to put on an exciting display and show why I am going to be a world champion in the distant future and show everyone who's watching why I'm the best Super Flyweight in the world. I want to give the people who have followed mine and Jason's whole careers excitement whether it is at home or abroad, and that will be the case on June 15."

Brother Jason Moloney also opened up about his appearance at Seagulls Stadium, "It's great to be boxing at a venue that I have achieved so much at already but it is special to share a bill with Andrew. This may be the last time this happens and I know the pair of us are going to give top draw performances and give those watching value for money whilst also showing why we're world champions in waiting."

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