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Martin Harkin has been due to fight for the Celtic welterweight title on several occasions recently only for opponents to pull out due to injury.

He has the chance to fight for the belt on Friday night at the Morrison's Promotion show at the Doubletree Hilton in Glasgow.

If everything goes according to plan standing across from him on Friday will be former Scottish champion Ally Black, a fight that was due to take place back in March until Black suffered an injury. This weekend Harkin was due to meet Stewart Burt the current Scottish champion only for Burt to announce he had suffered an injury.

Harkin told me he is raring to go, "I’m really looking forward to finally getting to fight him. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve trained constantly since last October due to opponents pulling out.

"Ally is a good fighter, I’ve seen him fight a couple of times. He’s been pro a long time. I know he will be fit as he’s done the distance before but my trainer Danny Lee has got me in tip top condition to do the distance if the fight goes that far."

How does Harkin see the fight playing out? "I see the fight playing out with him moving and trying to steal the fight from me maybe trying to hold etc, but eventually I think I'll drag him into my sort of fight. The way I’m feeling I don’t see him beating me wherever the fight goes."

I asked whether the late change of opponent had disrupted his plans, not so according to Harkin, "The change of opponent hasn’t troubled me, whoever is in front of me doesn’t matter. I focus and concentrate on myself."

On asking what Harkin's aim for the rest of year, he was clear he wants this title and more. Harkin said, "Win this title then defend it once or twice, that’s the plan. Then hopefully move on to the bigger titles. "I want to be busy the rest of the year. That’s always been my priority in boxing, stay active." The fight takes place on Friday 31st May at the Doubletree Hilton in Glasgow, also on the card is Joe Ham who while waiting for a potential British title bout will be taking part in a tune up fight and Regan Glackin who bids to go 3-0 since turning pro.

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