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Dillian Whyte on Joshua defeat, suggests Joshua couldn't 'juice' due to VADA testing

Dillian Whyte has had his say on former opponent Anthony Joshua's defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr on Saturday night in New York.

Many observers felt Joshua was out of sorts with reports that Joshua's father wanted him to pull out of the fight beforehand.

Joshua also seemed overly gracious in defeat, in what some have construed as a relief that the pressure of being champion was now gone.

It seems Whyte picked up on this.

“He seemed scared, not bothered, he was running, he was jabbing out of range, he was retreating, he had his left hand down,” he said on his official YouTube channel.

"When he got hurt he didn’t know whether to hold or tie up. He seemed like he wasn’t bothered, like he didn’t want to be there.

“Maybe he couldn’t deal with the pressure anymore, he just seemed like he was there to collect his money. He said he was the landlord but he failed to collect the rent.”

Whyte then suggested an all together different theory that due to Joshua fighting in America and VADA testing in place he couldn't use Therapeutic Use Exception (TUE) and that was in fact the reason he didnt show up.

"He said to his coach ‘why do I feel like this?’, because you’re in America with the VADA testing and you’re not on the juice that’s why,” Whyte said.

“It’s harder to get therapeutic use exemptions in America than the UK, that’s why.”

Whyte feels Joshua will ultimately come back and will avenge his defeat against Ruiz Jr.

"He’ll live and learn, at the end of the day I’ve had a loss, he’s big and strong enough to come back, he’s an olympic champion, former world champion, he’ll be back bigger and stronger,” Whyte said.

“I still believe he will beat Andy Ruiz Jr in the rematch, you need to look at his camp, he needs to look at what he did wrong, where he went wrong.

“He’s got a very experienced camp with Rob McCracken behind him. Maybe he should have gone to America two months or a month before the fight, you don’t know.”

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