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Updated: Jul 24, 2019

‘Newquay Bomb’ Brad Pauls became the first Cornishman to win a title in the sport of professional Boxing since former world champion Bob Fitzsimmons did so over 100 years ago, stopping Darren Codona in 3 rounds.

Dominating from the off, the tough Codona did very well to survive a flurry of punches in round two, before succumbing to Pauls’ power in the 3rd round.

After the first knockdown of the round was controversially deemed a slip by Referee Lee Cook, Pauls became more aggressive, clearly knowing that his opponent was hurt.

Codona momentarily looked like he may be able to rally until the end of the round, before suffering another knockdown.

Just about making the count, Pauls persisted relentlessly with his attack – connecting with Codona’s face on several occasions sending his fellow Middleweight down to the canvas.

On this occasion, Codona didn’t make the count, confirming Paul’s status as the new Southern Area Middleweight champion sending the travelling Cornish faithful into raptures.

Now at 13-0 and aged 26, Pauls will make a decision on whether to defend his title in his next fight or try and move onto bigger titles potentially back home in Newquay.

Undercard Bouts

Jack Newham (5-1) – Naheem Chaudhry (2-46) – Super Lightweight

Controversy was rife early in the card at York Hall as Jack Newham & Naheem Chaudhry was stopped due to a clash of heads in the second round thus being confirmed as a technical draw.

After a very heavy knockdown early in the second round, Newham looked very unsteady on his legs. After a consultation with Newham’s corner, many felt that a decision had been made to not allow Newham to continue.

However, this wasn’t the case as an accidental clash of heads had resulted in a large swelling on the head of Newham, meaning that the fight was announced as a technical draw despite Chaudhry potentially being seconds away from a TKO victory.

Billy Jackson (2-0) – MJ Hall (0-37-2) – Welterweight

Confident performance from 19 year old Jackson who was awarded every round on the Referee’s scorecard.

Muheeb Fazeldin (12-0-1) – Jamie Quinn (5-84-2) – Lightweight

Fighting for the first time in over a year, Muheeb Fazeldin returned to the ring, putting in a skilled performance against Jamie Quinn over six rounds.

Jake Ball (12-2) – Daryl Sharp (5-53) – Light Heavyweight

A one-sided affair as Jake Ball returned to the ring for the first time since being stopped by Craig Richards.

Coming up against an extremely tough Daryl Sharp, Ball stayed composed throughout, winning every round in his 15th contest as a pro.

Denis Denikajev (3-0) – Ben Fields (5-7) – Welterweight

A scrappy contest which involved the Referee having to get involved on several occasions over 4 rounds.

Awarded as a draw with both fighters having their moments during the 4 round bout.

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