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Hackney super-lightweight ‘Two Tanks’ (18-2, 14 KOs) faces off with former world champion Vazquez (41-7, 15 KOs) on an #MTKFightNight that will also be broadcast live on iFLTV and watched around the world. As he prepares to launch an assault on world-level, Davies welcomes the opportunity to show off his famous power on a significant stage. Davies said: “The American audience can expect excitement, entertainment and a knockout. They can expect skill and class – all iced with a touch of arrogance. “There’ll only be a touch of arrogance for this fight. I’m trying to calm it down now. I’m going to turn the skill and the focus up and the arrogance down. “I’ve been a pro for just over five years and these basic, simple lessons I’m just learning now. I’ve been stubborn throughout my boxing career. “Because my character is quite a stubborn one, I’ve learned these basic lessons I’m talking about late but it’s better late than never…” Davies was last seen suffering a narrow points defeat to WBO world No. 1 Jack Catterall back in October.

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