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Nathaniel Collins was a decorated amateur boxer who has since went 5-0 since turning pro in October last year.

Collins amateur career culminated in him representing Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast, Australia last year.

Collins has looked impressive so far in his fledgling pro career and is now set for a Celtic title fight later this year.

ESBR recently caught up with the young fighter and started by asking him what it was like to represent Scotland at the highest level.

"It was an honour to represent my country," Collins began, " I represented Scotland at a number of tournaments and got medals all over the place but the Commonwealth Games was a different gravy entirely! My first multi sport event, what a buzz and Australia was a beautiful place!"

Some amateurs take to the pro ranks better than others, Collkns explains what he feels is the difference between the pro and amateur ranks. "The biggest difference between amateur and pro is the number of rounds. You can really calm down and pick your punches and show your skill, think about what you are doing. Three rounds as an amateur was just a mad dash! "I settled into the pro ranks very quickly and although I still need to gain experience I feel like I am more suited to this game, it is brilliant I love to show my class and pick my shots!"

Collins took to social media last week to ask why he struggles for sponsorship whereas other boxers seem to get lots of offers. Collins feels it's because he has moved around a fair bit growing up.

'I think this is the case because for me I have never had a place I have constantly lived in, my family have moved around a lot and I haven’t had enough time to drum up contacts and network or build up a base from the one area!" Collins said.

He continued, "One thing I would say to sponsors is I am a very, very hard worker, boxing is all I have wanted to do forever, I graft and graft and I am also talented. So if you are looking for someone to invest in I can guarantee it will pay off in the future."

Collins has been comfortable in his five wins so far, his most frustrating fight was one in which his opponent wanted to turn the fight into a wrestling match. "Not one of my five fights have been particularly tricky but I fought against Ricky Starkey and after hitting him with a combination he didn’t want to know." Collins explained. He kept holding and grabbing and falling all over the place trying to survive and he eventually got disqualified which was not tricky but very frustrating."

Collins last outing he was on the under card of the British title fight between Kash Farooq and Kyle Williams, Collins enjoyed being part of such a night and hope's for more.

"Yeah absolutely! I am buzzing to be a part of big night's and hopefully the big night's will revolve around me shortly."

It seems the big nights are not too far away as it has been announced that Collins will face a fellow Scot, Monty Ogilvie, for the vacant Celtic Featherweight title, Collins aims to be the new champ. 'By the end of the year I hope to be Celtic champion, I have my shot October 5th."

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