After eight months out of the ring due to injury Gavin Gwynne (11-0) the Welsh lightweight champion made a return to the rind to a rapturous home crowd against Arnoldo Solano (14-21).

Gwynne clearly eager to fight and impress his home town fans entered the ring looking fired up.

The first round Gwynne looked to be forcing his work, and in round two there were some wild swings from Solano as the Nicaraguan began to frustrate Gwynne holding constantly. In round three the frustration showed as Gwynne beckoned Solano to stand and trade rather than disrupt every time Gwynne tried to box.

In the fourth round Gwynne went back to his jab and was landing some quality body shots. Solano was dropped in the fourth, intentionally spitting his gum shield out prompting the referee to insist as it was an intentional act from Solano the gum shield would be returned in the next pause in the fight. Solano landed a low blow in the fifth round, prompting an angry response from both Gwynne and his supporters who were now fed up of Solanos spoiling tactics.

Gwynnes fans hearts were in their mouth in the sixth when after another wrestle instigated by Solona Gwynne raised his foot towards his opponent after he tumbled, summoned to a neutral corner to the relief of the home crowd it was only a one point deduction. After pleas from his corner Gwynne went back to boxing well snapping the jab and going to the body in round seven.

Round eight with Salono shattered continued the trend of the fight with Solano just looking to hold rather than fight, Solano was deducted a point for his third low blow of the contest whilst Gwynne was also docked a point for punching at the break. The scorecard read 78-71 in favour of Gwynne. If nothing, it was good experience gained for Gwynne, and you can sympathise with Gwynne who after eight months out wanted to give his home town fans treat. The important thing is the W on the record.

Jake Tinklin (3-0) gave a classy performance against Fonz Alexander (6-98) winning a 60-54 decision.

The difference class in was evident to see from the opening bell. Tinklin's superior boxing skills creating openings for him to land some spiteful shots. The second round followed the same path, Tinklin walking his opponent down with his jab waiting for openings then landing some spiteful shots.

Round three Alexander started to try and throw some shots back but this just allowed Tinklin to pick him off, round four Alexander was now looking tired and threw some wild punches, knowing one big punch was his best chance of turning the fight around.

Round five saw Alexander bravely take some hurtful looking body shots and hooks. By the sixth, Tinklin knowing the fight was won, stayed behind the jab showing experience beyond his years not to get do anything silly and get caught. A fantastic perfor