Adam Abramowitz on DAZN, GGG & The Future Of Boxing

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

by Eliot Stott

Writing about boxing for over a decade, Philadelphian Adam Abramowitz can only be described as somebody who’s been ‘captivated’ by the sweet science.

In an interview where the need for me to ask Abramowitz to elaborate on anything he’d stated wasn’t there, despite the sport being in a fairly confusing place at the time of the conversation.

Writing for Saturday Night Boxing as well as Co-Hosting the ‘Punch to the Face’ podcast, Adam more than keeps up with all things boxing on both sides of the pond, making our conversation flow without any gaps in knowledge hindering the interview.

“I’ve been writing for nearly ten years now so it’s taken up a fair chunk of my life. Being a fairly hardcore boxing fan previously, I’ve never been one to do something casually so the opportunity to write about something that I had a lot to say about was there.”

Adam then went onto vent his frustration at what was being written about the sport that he was obsessed with which further motivated him to get involved with writing.

“Whenever there was a big fight, journalists were just writing what everybody already knew i.e. there was a knockout in the tenth round. There wasn’t much in the way of analysis. The type of questions that were being answered clearly in other sports I don’t feel we're being addressed that well in boxing from a strategy standpoint.”

Moving onto the current day and the more important yet draining topic of boxing & COVID-19, Adam discussed the differences that he expects to see in the sport over the pond.

“Obviously there’s not going to be any gate money for the foreseeable future so because of that you can expect purses to be affected.”

“In addition to the coronavirus, we know that there’s also going to be an economic downturn across the country which is likely to affect the pay per view market in the US, especially when you consider how expensive big fights can be to purchase over here. I’d imagine people are going to be more cautious/reluctant to buy a PPV compared to their buying behaviour pre-virus.”

“Also, one issue that I haven’t heard discussed too much is travel. Top Rank, for example, has deals in place with Naoya Inoue & Josh Taylor – how easy is it going to be for these guys to travel to the US or wherever they’re fighting? Will they have to go into quarantine on arrival? The logistics of fighters travelling abroad and fight week on a whole will be hugely effected I imagine.”

Feeling the need to move onto topics other than COVID-19, Adam who regularly discusses the latest goings-on within British boxing on social media, spoke about his current favourite active British fighters.

“One guy who I’ve liked for a while is John Ryder. I remember being laughed at when I told people how much of a tough fight Ryder was going to be for Callum Smith and it was!”

“My first experience of watching Ryder was against Billy Joe Saunders who he very narrowly lost against. One thing that stuck out to me was how well Ryder did against a guy who at the time was so much better than him technically as well as his work rate in his first twelve round fight.”

“Perhaps a more obvious pick would have to be Josh Taylor who I originally picked to win the WBSS Super-Lightweight tournament a couple of years ago. Despite a lot of Americans picking Prograis to win the tournament I always felt that Taylor was being developed at the right pace”.

Swaying from Brits inside the ring to Brits outside the ring, the topic of Eddie Hearn aiming to ‘crack’ America as well as DAZN was next on the agenda.