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Written By Chris Evans

Camarthen lightweight Angelo Dragone, whom Eat,Sleep, Boxing repeat spoke to in the build up to his latest fight extended his unbeaten record to 5-0 on Saturday night at Merthyr Tydfil leisure centre.

Fighting against an unknown quantity in debutant Llias Liokaftos from Greece though boxing out of Guildford, this could have been a potential banana skin in his rise within the pro ranks and potentially spoiling some exciting fights that are soon to follow for the Carmarthen man.

Dragone came through the fight with an impressive performance out boxing and outworking Liokaftos to win every round with a 60-54 points decision on the referee’s scorecard. It wasn’t and easy fight for Dragone to impress though, Liokaftos seemed to try and disrupt the fight knowing he was in with a superior fighter.

Speaking to Angelo after the fight about the fight and the tactics of Liokaftoshe Angelo said

“Yeah I wasn’t pleased like you said he was a bit of a spoiler , but sometimes you got to win ugly , got to think of positives another 6 rounds under my belt and came through unhurt and winning every round.

Dragone, taking the positives from a clearly frustrating night and I asked Dragone how he prepared to fight such an unknown quantity in Liokaftos, and what plan he had prepared for the fight not knowing anything about his opponent.

"The plan was to feel him out and just up the gears as we go , I felt in control from start to finish"

"I did come out feeling a bit frustrated as I couldn’t get my shots off as well as I would of liked he’s was ducking so low and holding, but like I said sometimes you got to win ugly maybe I’m being a bit critical but more importantly it’s another win on board”

On the same bill rival Welsh boxer Kristian Touze overcame Edwin Tellez to take his record to 8-0-2. Post fight over the PA system Touze was interviewed by the MC, he was alongside promoter Chris Sanigar who confirmed that the fight with Dragone was almost and done deal and the all Welsh clash would take place on September 28th.

Dragone joined Touze at ringside where the pair took part in a face to face before shaking hands showing the mutual respect between the fighters. After the announcement of the fight Dragone was clearly looking forward to what promised to be a big fight for Welsh boxing.

Dragone & Touze Face Off
“It is the biggest fight in super featherweight division it’s a local derby , the fans are exited we both sell a good ticket , both unbeaten , it’s going to be a great fight”

It’s a fight that boxing fans can look forward and it’s great to see the Welsh boxing resurgence producing fighters of the quality of Dragone and the potential great fights like the Dragone v Touze.

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