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Brandom Adams Planning On Dropping Down In Weight, Eyes October Return

George Jimenez/ESPN

Former world title challenger and 'The Contender' season five winner Brandon Adams (21-3, 13 KO) could be returning to the squared circle as soon as October having not competed since losing a unanimous decision to WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo last June.

“The first [or second] week of October is when I’m supposed to be fighting, in Jamaica, with a new promotion that’s being presented,” Adams told ESBR. “Myself, Brandyn Lynch and his team, we’re going to collab together and go to Jamaica and try to get something going over there. I don’t want to make a concrete date but I was told October 10th. That’s the date they’re pushing to make everything happen.”

Although the gym Adams regularly trains at is currently closed, his trainer, Dub Huntley, provided him with a key so he can still use it to work out and stay in shape. Adams, who has trained by himself in the gym since the onset of the pandemic, is also looking to return to what he feels is his natural weight class.

“I’ll go down to 154, but I’m a fighter. My job is to get the most strategic fight, the most strategic route to get me to become a world champion. So if an opportunity at 160 presents itself then I’ll go over there with my team but for the most part, I’d like to go back down to 154 and fight a few fights there and see how my body feels, maybe try to go a little further down [in weight].”

Many in the boxing world remember Brandon Adams for winning the comeback season of 'The Contender', which aired in 2018. Adams says he is thankful for the experiences he had on the show and from the people he met there. “Being able to talk with these guys, see how they operate, I thought it was extremely cool. I’m very appreciative, and I was able to learn a lot from those guys, especially Freddie Roach,” Adams said.

The 30-year-old Southern California native embraced the unusual nature of the show, and believes that it actually should have gotten more coverage.

“Being on the show was definitely different because it took all of the fighters out of the element of training with their natural trainers, of doing everything that they are naturally used to doing, and now they have to figure out a new way of getting the job done. We didn’t want to communicate or congregate with each other, but we had to because we were all stuck in a house. So everything about it was completely different from anything anybody can ever explain to you…”

After beating Shane Mosley Jr. via unanimous decision to win the series, Adams was given the choice of fighting either boxing superstar Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, or unbeaten WBC middleweight titleholder Jermall Charlo.

“Right before I got that opportunity to fight Jermall, an offer to fight GGG was actually on the table. We turned that down and took the fight with Jermall because it made more sense. For the fight with GGG, they were looking at a guy to fight [Golovkin] at like 166 lbs. I barely feel comfortable fighting at 160. I’m not the biggest guy in the world, I’m only 5’8. Fighting at 160 is already a big push on my body because of rehydration. So I didn’t want to fight him at 166. We tried to see if we could negotiate them coming down…”

Earlier in his career, Adams had the opportunity to spar Golovkin at the beginning of his title reign. According to Adams, Golovkin’s renowned power punching lives up to the hype.

“I’ve never been hit as hard by anyone as I have with GGG. He is the strongest fighter that I’ve ever been hit by and he never even hit me flush in my face. I didn’t allow him to hit me in the face but I still felt the power. There was one particular moment, he hit me on the top of my head, it was by accident, and that hurt like crazy. To this day, I never felt nobody hit me with that same kind of power that GGG has hit me with,” Adams recalled.

Assuming that he’d eventually end up fighting Golovkin anyway if he won a world title, Adams opted to fight Charlo instead. Freddie Roach, who trained Adams for The Contender, joined Dub Huntley to train Adams for his fight with Charlo. Adams says that Roach and Huntley have known each other long before the contender.

“He and my trainer Dub Huntley go back, they’ve known each other, their styles are very similar. Freddie Roach tells me stories about how he learned and picked up a whole lot from Dub Huntley, because the same guy who taught Dub Huntley how to hold mitts, was one of the same people who trained Freddie and showed Freddie how to work which is Eddie Futch.”

Unfortunately, Adams and his team were unable to overcome the talents of Charlo, who won a wide unanimous decision after 12 rounds. Going into the fight though, Adams was having some troubles with his left hand.

“There was a pain in my left hand, that’s why I kept trying to land with my right hand. Me being able to hit him with a left hook here and there was working, but there was a lot of pain that came from me doing it. So, I didn’t really want to throw my left hand. Freddie knew that he was just trying to get me to overcome that and work. I appreciate that night just wasn’t my night. I couldn’t get over the fact that I was injured so I couldn’t show 100% of who I am or my capabilities. But I did show that I do belong.”

After over a year of healing time, Adams is ready for a fight and looking forward during this new era of boxing.

“I’m looking forward to doing it actually. I want to see what it’s like. I’m a bit of a showman, so I think I’m gonna have a little fun with the invisible crowd that’s there. I plan on trying to make the best out of whatever opportunities are presented to me.”


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