When a young lion begins to grow up, he will look to test himself against the old, experienced lion of the pack, if the young lion wins the old lion is shoved out to the side. It’s the ultimate game of the strong survive and that also rings true in the squared circle.

It’s the passing of the torch that happens day in, day out in life and it’s ingrained in combat sports culture when it’s the young cubs turn the old lion must fight to keep its spot. The fight in the Manchester Arena on Saturday night certainly feels like one of these nights, Scott Quigg (35-2-2 KO26), the former world champion and the old veteran lion will face off against Ireland's tenacious young cub Jono Carroll (17-1-1 KO3).

For both men Saturday night is huge, a chance to jump to the front of the queue for a shot at a World title is certainly in the winner's future and Carroll believes the fight will be interesting.

“It’s going to be a very interesting fight, Quigg can bang, he’s very experienced as well, he has a very good guard so it’s up to me to really to put on the performance because at the end of the day he doesn’t throw that many punches so it’s whatever tempo I want to take the fight at.

I’m going to do a lot of things that surprise the boxing world, everyone seems to think I’m just some brawler, but I can do a lot of things, I have a lot of attributes to my game so we’re looking at putting everything together and be smart in this fight.”

Despite the former World champion Quigg branding Carroll ‘pillow fists’ recently, Carroll believes that he can still hurt Quigg.

“I doubt he truly thinks that my record doesn’t speak for anyone who hits hard or anything, but anyone can hurt you with 8-ounce gloves and boxing isn’t about all about hitting hard, there’s no use having a power if you can’t land a punch, power is only as good as you use it I’ve got speed and power.

A lot of my punches are hurting punches, they’re not just one-shot boom and I spark people that’s just not what I do.”

King Kong has seemed to be getting under the skin of Quigg, particularly when asking Scott who he fought in his 4th and 5th fight, in the recent face to face episode, however, Carroll doesn’t understand why the former champ got so agitated.

“The fact of the matter is, I wasn’t even trying to get under his skin, I was just stating facts. Like, mate, I'm not even trying to disrespect you or anything, I just genuinely don’t know, I only found out who his fourth and fifth opponents were yesterday it was actually me Da that text me yesterday and said there are his fifth and sixth opponents.

You know we can all stack up if you look at my second professional fight, if I didn’t stop that fella I’d have bleeding packed it in, certain people are there to be rolled over and some aren’t.”

Carroll believes that after winning Prizefighter at an early stage in his career it became difficult to get him the right fights.

“I never had it easy like I won Prizefighter so young and so early in my career that it was hard to match me they didn’t want to be putting me in with rollovers after beating Gary Buckland, Stephen Foster and even Michael Devine, they all had decent records so there’s no point putting me in with some bum with something like 7 losses and 1 win, it’s just pointless, I was against decent opponents early on and that’s the difference.”

Carroll believes he never disrespected Quigg on the face to face and admits that he feels Quigg has overachieved.