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Daniel Egbunike- "I will expose his weaknesses and get the win"

Daniel Egbunike (6-0-0 3KO) takes on his toughest opponent to date in the way of Harlem Eubank (10-0-0 3KO), the cousin of Chris Eubank Jr this Wednesday on the Golden Contract event which will see someone taste defeat for the first time.

I had the privilege to catch up with 'Danny Darko' before his biggest fight to date as a professional and get his perspective ahead of this fight and how 2020 has been for him as a whole. The bout is live on Sky Sports and will hopefully be a great way to end what has been a productive year for Daniel.

"This year has been a good year for me, very productive and I have learned a lot about myself. I started up a new company called Fresh Fog Services and because of COVID, it has been going extremely well. I am hoping to end this year in great fashion by beating Harlem Eubank on Wednesday".

In such a short career, Daniel has already beaten two unbeaten fighters and has a 50% KO ratio has certainly got people talking. He recently won the Southern Area title against Billy Allington with a unanimous points decision, winning 7 of the 10 rounds and will be looking for another win to add to his tally. The fact Daniel won the Southern Area title in record timing speaks volumes to just how talented and exciting he is. I asked him what he thinks of Harlem and the upcoming bout.

"I will expose his weaknesses and get the win. I am only focusing on my strengths and I expect him to fight differently against me than against his previous opponents. Once I beat Harlem Eubank, I just want more belts and to climb the rankings as quick as possible. My biggest mission is to win the English title and I aim to do that in 2021. If you compare the resume's for myself and Harlem, mine is clearly better, I have beaten two unbeaten fighters and I have only fought two journeymen. I will try and get him out of there if the opportunity arises but i am fully prepared to go the full 10 rounds. I have already done it twice so I have proved I have the engine for it."

With lockdown causing lives to change and routines to differ, I asked Daniel if he has prepared any differently for this fight.

"The preparation has gone great, I can't complain. I am eating well as my weight is good and I have had great sparring. I am always learning, learning and learning in this game and I need to if I am going to achieve what I want to in this sport. Boxing is tougher than the average person can imagine. It takes you out of your comfort zone and you need to get used to that if you want to achieve things. I don't know what losing is and for this fight in particular, I have taken myself so far out of my comfort zone."

With this fight being spoken about more and more by the boxing hardcore fans, it is unfortunate that there will be no fans in attendance. The fact there are no fans at the moment has affected some boxers more than others and Daniel had this to say.

"It is frustrating that there will be no fans to watch the fight on Wednesday because it will be a great fight and on paper, it is a 50/50. For me, it could be the main event but we are where we are and I just hope the fans at home enjoy it as much as I will. When I am not in the ring, I am a huge fan of watching a good night of boxing. I watched the Benn card on Sky and I must say, I am a huge fan of Fabio Wardley, he looks the real deal. I have a ritual when I'm watching the boxing, I get my spin bike out and get the legs moving."


Date: December 2nd 2020

Time: 18:00

Venue: Production Park Studios, South Kirkby

Where To Watch: Sky Sports

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