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'My party trick is ruining the party.’

Age: 26

Height: 5ft 7ins

Record: 6-0

Stance: Orthodox

In a nutshell

Lenny Fuller arrives at the Indigo at the 02 as somewhat of an unknown quantity, after having flown under the radar as an amateur, starting when he was 12 but quickly moving away from the sport before returning at 18 on the unlicensed scene. Shorter in statue than the rest of the fighters, but with a big heart and significant punching ability, Fuller could surprise a few on September 20.

How long have you been boxing?

I started when training I was about 12, had a few amateur fights, but gave it up a couple of years later before coming back to it when I was 18 with some unlicensed stuff.

What got you into the sport?

Well, I’d say 9-out-of-10 traveller boys have walked into a boxing gym at some point, and I was no different.

Why Ultimate Boxxer?

You wouldn’t necessarily see it from my record, but I can punch, I can bang and I think UB will suit me, nice quick start and when my manager told me about the opportunity to fight at the Indigo at the O2, I jumped at it.

Why should we make you the favourite for the UB5 Golden Robe?

A lot of people will underestimate me coming into the tournament, but I’m unpredictable, I can adapt to anything and I’m a force to be reckoned with. People haven’t seen the real Lenny Fuller yet. My party trick is ruining the party!

When you’re training, what’s on the music playlist?

A bit of everything, including some guilty pleasures that I am not going to share!

Who is your favourite sports team, or individual athlete outside of boxing?

I’m not really into sport, I don’t mind going to watch my local team Maidstone United, but that’s about it. One of sons is really into golf, so I take him to the driving range for a lesson every Saturday.

Who is your favourite fighter?

It would probably have to be Joe Calzaghe - I loved him, he could fight, he could box, he could do a bit of everything.

What would be your dream fight, if we could transform your weight, height, or put you in a time machine?

I don’t have anyone particular in mind, but it would have to be on the biggest stage, 12 rounds of blood and war, that’s what I’d like, maybe against a tough Mexican.


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