“I’m going to put on a show” – Samuel Antwi Confident Of English Title Success

After over a year out of the ring, British welterweight prospect, Samuel Antwi, returns in a great match up against Darren Tetley for the English title.

Pictured: Samuel Antwi is ready to fight again after a year out of the ring (Photo: Boxing News)

Come fight night, it will be little over a year since the 29-year-old last laced up a pair of gloves and stepped through those ropes. Although this will have been an undoubtedly frustrating lay-off for Antwi, he has been professional and diligent and is finally getting an opportunity to put himself on the British boxing map.

“I’m feeling good. Fight night isn’t far away and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve probably been training 2 or 3 times a day, and I’m still feeling really sharp. I’ve trained all throughout lockdown doing what I could, I’ve just been waiting for this chance really.”

‘True Sensation’ had a frustrating 2020, with COVID striking the nation and only having the one dust-up in February, but refused to let absence in the ring define him. As a man with a quite clearly phenomenal work ethic, he continually trained and adjusted to the difficult times.

“From the first lockdown, I was in the parks training. The second lockdown was more of the same, training outdoors and in the parks, so I’ve been training throughout. Due to the fact I’ve been constantly training, I don’t feel rusty or anything. In sparring I feel sharp, so I don’t think it has affected me too much. I guess we’ll see in the ring on fight night, but I feel great and don’t feel rusty at all.”

As soon as the gyms were open and fighters were allowed to begin training properly again, Antwi was eager to put the work in and make a return to the ring. Now, after several months of frustration, the former Southern Area welterweight champion finally has a big fight.

(Photo: Samuel Antwi on Instagram @truesensation)

Friday night sees Antwi take on fellow Brit, Darren Tetley, for the English welterweight title. The London man knows it will be a tough test, but oozes confidence ahead of the biggest fight of his career.

“I know he’s tall, I know he’s a southpaw and I know he’s had quite a few more fights than me, but I don’t tend to look too much into my opponents.

“I let my coach do the research. My coach analyses my opponents, finds their strengths and weaknesses, and then we put a game plan together to beat him, which I believe I will.”

Tetley will be the first southpaw Antwi has faced in his career, but the 29-year-old is confident he can work out the challenge in front of him, and ultimately get the job done.

“I really like fighting southpaws. I like to solve problems, I like puzzles, so I relish the challenge of fighting a southpaw. This is my first southpaw opponent actually, but I think it’s going to be a good one for me.”

With this huge English title fight on the horizon for Antwi, he knows a win would catapult his career in the right direction. Having recently signed with Coldwell Boxing Management, he believes that, along with the English title around his waist, will open the door for some big domestic fights in the coming year.

“Winning the English would mean a lot to me. It would be amazing. It would be perfect. It’s been two years now since I won the Southern Area title. I was hoping to get it a lot sooner, but obviously it’s here now so I can’t complain.

“It’s a great belt to fight for, it’s a step up the ladder and it’s the next belt up from the Southern Area. I’m taking the correct steps. Obviously now with Dave Coldwell, opportunities look like they’re going to be presenting themselves a lot sooner, and I won’t have to be doing as much waiting around, so it’s looking good. I am very happy to be fighting for the English.”