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Jay McFarlane: “I want to prove to the little ones looking up at me, that anything is possible"

Photo - Ultimate Boxxer

Jay McFarlane is one of the most charismatic and likeable characters in modern British boxing. His style and comments have helped him become one of the more recognisable names on the scene. He caught up with ESBR to discuss his past and also look towards the future.

“During this time, I can only be thankful for having a key to the gym, I’ve been training everyday cycling to and from the gym so probably more productive than before If I get offered a fight, I will take it as I need something to focus on. Otherwise, I will be fighting in Glasgow in September.”

There have been talks of a fight between McFarlane and Kash Ali. Although this fight does not look likely, McFarlane is confident he would get the victory.

“To be honest I think it's very unlikely, he’s got another few fights at the top of the domestic tree before I get there. Although if someone wants to pay me decent down to fight him, I’m all for it.”

McFarlane most recently took part in the Ultimate Boxxer although he lost a close split decision to eventual finalist Mark Bennett.

“I loved the Ultimate Boxxer! Everything from the background staff to fight night. The only things I would change is I would have trained for it, and id like to be fitted for the shorts so they’re not for sizes too small but I would 100% do it again”.

Photo - Ultimate Boxxer

In a perfect scenario, 2020 would culminate in a big fight and a large pay-check for McFarlane.

“Perfect scenario is everything goes back to normal; I get offered a good hard fight with a meaty pay-check.”

McFarlane has had a pretty amazing career already at the age of 22. These experiences have helped him develop as both a fighter and a person.

“As a fighter, I have come on leaps and bounds and never show it due to my own self-destructive nature and as a person, I’ve grown more confident and truly found myself. Boxing saved my life. Walking out to ‘Scotland The Brave’ and hearing the bagpipes sing as I walk towards the ring in Maddison square garden really stands out to me.”

Madison Square Garden is the most famous arena in the world, with only a select few fighters getting the chance. The circumstances about this came from a connection to Gennady Golovkin, who was headlining the card.

“At the time I and GGG shared a sponsor William Storey of Rich Energy, who also is part of my management with Sam Kynoch. He had been telling them about me, so offered me a chance.”

There have been a lot of learning curves along the way for McFarlane, which he will continue to use to his advantage.

“The most important thing I’ve learned is that I can’t get by on talent, always thought in my head I’m tough enough so I don’t need to train, I was wrong.”

Dave Allen has become a trainer of Jay’s, supporting him on the next steps of his journey. There are a number of similarities between the two, which make it a perfect match.

“David helped me sort out my shit, I was on a very dark downward spiral. I don’t know if he realised how much he did help me, but if he reads this, thank you mate”.

As previously mentioned, the Scot is still only 22 years old and has plenty of fights left in the tank. He has some high aspirations for the rest of his career and hopes he can be a role model for the younger generation.

“I want to prove to the little ones looking up at me, that anything is possible. Whether that is my Brothers, Cousins or the Kids I Train in the gym. If a little fat Glaswegian delinquent can achieve something, then they can too. Also, a bit of cash would be nice I am dangerously in debt.”

Finally, Jay spoke about how he views the current British Heavyweight scene and what he would change in boxing.

“British Heavyweight boxing is the best that it's ever been, the top three in the world all from our little island! I think that is astonishing. I’d also change the glorification of an undefeated record, so we could make some better fights”.

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