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by Chris Evans

In a treat for Welsh fight fans Olympic silver medallist John Jo Nevin (13-0) topped the bill with an 8 round points win over Jordan Ellison (11-24-1) , with referee Martin Williams scoring the contest 80-73, with Jim Mcdonnell in his corner Nevin was in complete control from the first round to the last round. Ellison made it difficult for Nevin to look good with a solid defence, covering up as soon has Nevin went through the gears. This is how the fight went until the last round, with quite frankly a lackluster performance by Nevin. Was he frustrated to be fighting an eight-rounder against a journeyman? Even so, this was a chance for him to make a statement and win over some new fans. You would have hoped for more from an Olympic silver medallist but he walks away with another win on the record.

Local lad Maredudd Thomas (9-0) opened the night of boxing over six rounds winning 59-55 decision against London’s Lee Hallett (1-21)

This was a one-sided fight from the start however Hallett gave another good account of himself giving Thomas a stern test.

Thomas’s jab was efficient from the start, snapping Hallet's head back in the first two rounds. In the third Thomas realized that his body shots were taking their toll on Hallet and continue to fire the body shots in the fourth. Hallett showed his experience in the fifth and sixth, clinching where possible and going on the back foot frustrating Thomas.

However, this was a good performance for Thomas and the rounds gained will be of great benefit to him.

Newport’s Craig Woodruff (8-5) got back to winning ways beating Lester Cantillano (4-32) over four rounds, with a 40-35 scorecard.

The former Welsh lightweight champion made a fantastic start to the fight, throwing hooks and uppercuts with great success

Woodruff continued the intensity in the second round, connecting with hooks to head and body, a left hook put Cantillano on to the ropes in the second round the referee deeming that the ropes had prevented Cantillano hitting the canvas and administered an 8 count.

Cantillano continued bravely seeing it through to the final bell, but it was an impressive performance from Woodruff. This was a first fight since his controversial loss to Kerian Gething back in June.

Jay Munn (1-0) made his debut winning all 4 rounds to take the bout 40-36 win Paul Ducie (0-13) in the super welterweight division.

Ducie wasn’t the ideal opponent to impress on your debut, being very defensive going on the back foot from the opening bell.

Munn continued to pressure Ducie trying to get him to open up however Ducie seemed happy to get to the final bell. The Rhoose Rhino celebrated with his army of fans when the result was announced happy just to start with a win.

Lance Cooksey (11-0) kept the hope of a Welsh title fight with Kristian Touze alive with a one sided point’s victory over Edwin Tellez (12-56-5) with a 60-54 decision. Tellez who Welsh fight fans will remember from his points defeat to Kristian Touze back in June started to fight with a very compact guard meaning Cooksey had to fight at close range and had success landing with some short hooks to the head and body.

In the third Cooksey connected with a right hook to Tellez’s body causing Tellez to grimace in pain, inspired by this Cooksey continued to go to the body landing some hurtful shots confirming just how tough Tellez was to break down. Pushing for a title fight against Touze Cooksey was eager to stop Tellez something Touze wasn’t able to do, however, a comfortable win means he can continue to stake a claim for a title shot.

Rhys Edwards (7-0) went 6 rounds for the first time in his professional career with a 60-54 points win over Jose Aquilar (16-66-5). The much-hyped youngster showed flashes of brilliance in the opening round landing with perfectly timed shots leaving Aquilar confused. This continued throughout the fight with Aquilar attempting to throw wild punches to stop the avalanche of punches Edwards was bombarding him with. It was another impressive performance from Edwards who at only 19 is definitely one to watch out for!

The final fight of the night was Jamie JJ Evans (9-0) v Geiboord Omier (4-44-1) which saw Evans remain undefeated with a clean sweep 60-54 decision. It was another one-sided fight which saw Evans in his southpaw stance land clean crisp shots to Omier’s head and body. Omier was clearly unable to deal with the speed and accuracy of Evans who continued to land spiteful combinations throughout the fight, Omier did show durability to see the bell but it was a solid performance for Evans who will now have his sights set on a title fight.

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