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Michael 'The Problem' McKinson Beats Chris Kongo, Scores Knockdown In The 1st Round

Michael 'The Problem' McKinson has defeated Chris '2Slick' Kongo by a unanimous decision (97-93, 96-94, 95-94) to become the new WBO Global Welterweight Champion in what was a close and competitive bout from start to finish. As predicted by our very own Greg Doyle (@GND1989), the man from the South Coast had his hand raised after the final bell -

The Problem started the quickest, landing flush on a couple of occasions before scoring a flash knockdown. Chris Kongo did not seem to have an answer to the onslaught from McKinson in the first round and was pleased to hear the bell.

The second round started the same way as the first did with McKinson controlling the tempo, his quick feet and fast hands was causing problems for Kongo. Both fighters were not afraid to unload when up close, punches were landing from both fighters but nothing flush. The end of the second round seemed to roll in to the third with both fighters throwing combinations up close but as the third round went on, it started to become more technical. The round ended with McKinson just edging it and he was certainly the happier fighter going in to the fourth.

The fight then seemed to calm down a litle bit, it became more of a chess match and both fighters looking to utilise their boxing skills. The middle rounds seemed extremely difficult to score, not many punches were being thrown but McKinson always seemed to have control of the distance with Kongo always having to reach in to land anything telling. With both fighters being undefeated, there seemed to be a hesitance to throw too many punches in the fear of being countered and paying the price. Both fighters have a healthy knockout percentage on their records and at times, it did look as if the fight was about to explode but the exchanges seemed to become few and far between the later the fight went.

At the start of round 6, Kongo seemed to be getting the upper hand, landing some nice right hands and causing McKinson problems. Kongo started to fight on the front foot and pushing McKinson back. It was the straight right hand which seemed to be Kongo's biggest strength and he continued to find the target in the 7th. Just before the round finished, the fight seemed to get lively again with both fighters trading and landing without a worry for what is coming back.

Towards the back end of the fight, it was McKinson that seemed to take control again with controlling the distance and the quick footwork he possesses. Kongo seemed to be over reaching and was coming unstuck with The Problem doing as his name says and making Kongo miss. The 10th and final round was a carbon copy on the previous round but Kongo did touch the canvas again which was a result of the tangling of feet.

It was an intriguing bout between two quality welterweights who will have excellent and successful careers moving forward. I would be surprised if this is the last time we see both fighters sharing the ring together due to them both looking to fight for world honours in the next 2-3 years. Both fighters deserve massive credit for taking the fight as they are certainly avoided on the domestic scene and even more credit goes to McKinson who seemed to be written off by a lot of the boxing world.

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