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On Saturday July 20 Manny Pacquiao takes on Keith Thurman in a 50/50 fight that has had an intriguing vibe ever since the fight was announced.

Thurman ended a near two-year battle with injuries and inactivity by edging out Joseito Lopez by majority decision in a tough gritty affair in January which had his opponent on the canvas as early as Round two.

This was a signal to many ringside observers and critics that Thurman was still pretty much what he once was before left off in a 22 month hiatus break, but concerns were made after the half way mark, after virtually scoring a shut out over Lopez in the first six rounds, Thurman showed signs of ring rust and inactivity his timing and punch resistance were questioned in round 7 when Thurman was rocked heavy by the brave Lopez who came on strong and hit Thurman from pillar to post in a brutal 7th Round.

Thurman was made to absorb and take big shots but eventually was saved by the bell, as the rounds went by Thurman survived and manged to win a majority decision in a tough affair. If there were some questions asked, Thurman did answer them as in Round 7 which was one round he was able to take an onslaught from Lopez, he had to over come some sort of adversity like not seen before in a very long time, so this may have actually helped sway off some of the critics, was that a case of inactivity or Thurman simply not being what he once was?.

Those questions are yet to be answered, that night in January left some people wondering what has Thurman got left in the tank and weather that desire he once had may have been prevailed by injuries and inactivity which caught up with the man who’s known as ‘One Time’.

Those questions amongst others will be answered on July 20 in Las Vegas in one of the most eagerly anticipated contests in 2019 when Thurman squares off against the ring legend and 8 weight champion Senator Manny Pacquiao in a contest for the WBA Welterweight Championship.

The fighters will walk to the ring between 4.30am and 5am UK time in what is promised to be a fight of the year candidate with fireworks promised by both camps. You can see the fight live on Itv Box Office PPV in the U.K. for £12.95 and will also be broadcast live on PPV in America via Showtime.

Price for the PPV in the states is $75 this further shows the magnitude of the fight if there was one fight this year which was PPV worthy then Thurman against Pacquiao is that this is neither deemed a mismatch or cash grab instead is viewed as a 50-50 fight which holds significant value for the winner in a rich and talented elite weight class whom holds other marquee talents like fellow P4P sensation, Former Undisputed Jr welterweight and current WBO welterweight Champion Terrence Crawford alongside Errol Spence the IBF Champion who’s most likely to face the winner assuming he gets through his next contest which is another Marquee fight in the welterweight division a unification with fellow American and WBC champion Shawn Porter.

So as we get closer to July 20 good times lie ahead and the ball gets rolling for the next big fight of 2019 hopefully this will live up to the hype and gets us closer to finding the one true king in the welterweight division and P4P amongst the best on the planet.


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