Phillip Bowes: I want more titles, more recognition!

Updated: May 30, 2020

At the age of 35, Phillip Bowes is now one of the elder statesmen within the super-lightweight division. ESBR caught up with ‘Quicksilver’ last week to discuss the current situation, his last year, and future plans.

“I’m ticking over as best I can, you can’t do sparring or anything like that. But you can maintain your bodyweight exercises, weights if you have them at home, running and things like that. You’ve got to have a strong mind and just keep going because everyone’s in the same situation so everyone is in the same boat. You’ve got to make good of a bad situation. I can adapt and I’m just rolling with the times.”

Bowes is still unsure as to when he will be fighting next and is taking it month by month. Despite a willingness to fight, he does have some reservations about fighting straight away and the problems that may arise.

“It’s a tricky one because you still need sparring and you need pads though. I suppose you could fight but it wouldn’t be the best of your ability. I would fight if I had to but would I be at my best? I doubt it. I hold a title, going for another one. You want to make sure that you are the peak of fitness and of your ability.”

When his March fight with Akeem Ennis-Brown was postponed, it signified Bowes’ third cancellation in 12 months. It is important to keep active, but it was his other ventures, such as his boxing academy, that have helped to keep him focused and disciplined while training.

“Its been very frustrating but I’ve got a lot of things going on outside of boxing, my academy and stuff like that. That’s just kind of taken my time up so I haven’t been as frustrated as I should have been as I’ve got other things. I suppose its good that I’ve got a focus and I’ve been training every single time for a fight. It's not like I’ve been relaxing, I have been training”.

The rivalry between the two was well-publicized, with a war of words breaking out on social media and interviews alike. However, the last three months have given Bowes time to reflect on not just his boxing career but life also whilst re-evaluating whether the hatred was worth it.

“One thing that I have definitely come to realise is that bad blood isn’t something that needs to happen, the fight will happen regardless. People are dying, there’s more to life than having bad blood with someone over a boxing match. Especially when people are dying just for the sake of it at the moment with this disease. It's more a case of being the better man on the day or night than having animosity to anyone and take things personally.”

He hopes that Ennis-Brown has also had a change of mindset during this downtime to reflect and improve on himself.

“If he hasn’t (changed), then he’s silly. Anyone in this kind of situation who feels the same when they go back to normality has wasted two or three months. You have to change your assessment of people and life after this.

What have you been doing. I would think he is a sensible guy and he would analyse things differently.”

Despite not being able to formally train, the hunger and drive to succeed is clearly still present. In Bowes’ mind, the result will not be different when the two finally get into the ring.

“When you put everything into perspective, is what you are trying to achieve really worth it when you see people dying? For me, I will be better than him, and I will retain my title. The motivation hasn’t changed, just the feelings towards him. There Is more to life than boxing and having bad blood towards people. Everyone had a plan but now five months of our life have been eradicated. I just want to take it one step at a time. We are in control of nothing.”

As previously mentioned, Phillip’s boxing academy has given him some of the drive during one of the toughest years of his boxing career. It has now been open over a year and plays a vitally important role in the community.

Recently they have had to adapt their way of teaching in line with the current global situation, to ensure that the students do not miss out.

“It’s a great thing giving other people and other kids motivation and hope, some have come to