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Updated: Sep 4, 2019

by Alan Drewett

Now professional, Ramez ‘The Mathemagician’ Mahmood faces his first shot at a title fighting for the Southern Area Featherweight belt in September. He fights Jack Budge (4-0) at York Hall and is expecting the toughest fight of his career to date. Ramez has a perfect record of (9-0-0) with two wins coming by way of knockout.

“I have been pursuing a title fight for over a year now and I am happy to be finally getting my chance. My training camp has gone really well, with it being the school holidays, I have managed to get a full camp in and I just can’t wait to get in to the ring now”.

Ramez was last seen in the ring against the Swede Edward Bjorklund in March and cruised to victory claiming a wide points decision. ‘The Mathematician’ is facing his first unbeaten fighter in Jack Budge and is relishing the added pressure.

“Fighting for such a prestigious title automatically brings added pressure and I aim to thrive from it. I am fighting my first unbeaten fighter that is coming to win and I hope to inflict his first defeat as a professional”

Ramez is currently enjoying time away from teaching as he prepares for his fight in September. Ramez explained that he has managed to find a school closer to home which has enabled him to dedicate more time in to the sport. He reiterated how important it is for boxers to have time to rest and recover between fights to protect their bodies from injuries and fatigue. Ramez is welcoming the change in job and the better logistics for him moving.

“I am starting a new job closer to home which means I can train more and rest more between fights. I save 2 hours a day in travel and I will be using the extra time to good effect. I have recently found it difficult in getting enough rest and training in to my schedule so now I will be able too with the change of jobs. In the week building up to my fight, I start back teaching so it will be a challenging but exciting week for me”.

York Hall is such an iconic venue like no other in Britain, and Ramez describes it as a second home.

“I feel like York Hall is like my second home and I feel really comfortable fighting there. I’ve had some good nights there and I aim to make 07th September another one. Jack Budge will be coming to fight and he’s totally different to my previous opponents so I have to be on the top of my game”.

If Ramez is victorious he hopes to secure further title shots in the future.

“I am not looking further than my next fight as I always take one fight as it comes but my desired route would be the traditional route. My aim is to fight for the English, British titles and so on”.


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