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Sam Eggington Interview

By Nick Pratt

‘The Savage’ Sam Eggington makes the first defence of his WBC Silver Middleweight title against the undefeated Bilel Jkitou at the Coventry Skydome next month.

The bout tops the bill of the Hennessy Sports show on Friday 10th September 2021 and will be shown live on Channel 5 in the UK and Ireland. Mick Hennessey of Hennessey Sports has promoted Eggington’s last two fight against Ashley Theophane and Carlos Molina, and the 27-year-old has recently signed a long-term deal with the promoter, which will commence with his fight against Jkitou.

On signing the deal, Eggington told Eat Sleep Boxing Repeat: “I’m happy, he’s done a lot for me before I even signed, so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t have signed, he’s done everything he could, and I have no doubt he will carry on that now I’ve signed.”

Eggington stepped up to Middleweight in his previous bout against Carlos Molina, having previously campaigned at Super Welterweight and when asked if he will continue at Middleweight he said: “Given a choice I would have picked up the same title at Light-Middle, there’s just nothing there at the moment, there’s no opportunities there at the moment. So, it come about that the WBC Middle was vacant, and Carlos Molina was there to box, he really wanted to do Middle, so we did it. I was going to actually box Carlos Molina at Light-Middle, but he chose for it to be at Middle and the title was there, so we picked it up.”

The Jkitou fight will see Sam Eggington fight for the second time this year and when asked about his opponent, Eggington said: “I don’t know much about him, I know what I’m told by the coaches. I’ve seen little clips through camp, I’m not one to sit there for hours and watch fights and go through records, I turn up on the night and do what I’ve been asked to do and a lot of the time it works for me, we’ll go round by round. It’s going to be a difficult fight; the kid doesn’t know how to lose but he’ll find out on the night.”

Making his first defence of his WBC title, Eggington is hoping to put on a show and make a statement, saying: “I’m not going for points I can tell you that much, it would be a nice way to defend the title with an unbeaten kid and get him out of there before the last bell, so without a doubt that’s what I’m aiming at, but see how the fight goes.”

Sam fights live on Channel 5 this Friday night.


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