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Sam Eggington vs Ashley Theophane Preview

Boxing returns to Channel 5 on Friday night as Sam Eggington takes on British boxing’s globetrotter Ashley Theophane. In a good move for the sport, the card will be shown free to air and will be behind closed doors.

Previous Fights

This will be Eggington’s first fight since leaving Matchroom after his loss to Ted Cheeseman. Since then he has subsequently moved to Hennessey Sports and will now fight on free-to-air television. That particular loss was a controversial decision, with many experts believing the Stourbridge fighter did enough to get his hand raised. This upcoming fight provides an opportunity for Eggington to get his career on track, by beating a well-known fighter.

Theophane on the other hand has not fought since October 2019, when he faced former IBF champion Kassim Ouma in Denmark. The 40-year-old is unbeaten since Sakai in 2017 although you could rightly question the calibre of his opponents since then. Theophanes’s experience cannot be questioned though, racking up over 50 fights throughout his career and amassing only eight losses. Sharing the ring with talents such as Adrien Broner, cannot be replicated. Theophane has already seen more than Eggington can throw at him, which could be an advantage should the fight go into the late rounds.


Eggington has recently spoke about his dreams of winning a world title, having previously collected the British, Commonwealth and European belts at welterweight. A win may put him in the right direction and could set up the chance for a rematch with Ted Cheeseman. Eggington was promised the fight immediately after the loss although talks quickly broke down. A loss in this fight will leave many questions as to what move he makes next and could leave Hennessey Sports w

A chance to fight and win one more time in the U.K should provide him with the all the motivation needed to make a big statement. Whilst being counted out by many critics will provide that added intent for the London-born fighter as he has a chance to prove people wrong. He has given little indication on his intentions for after Friday night however, a win could spark another major domestic dust up against the plethora of talent that the welterweight division has to offer.

Pre-Fight Questions

· How much more does Ashley Theophane have left?

· How did the loss to Ted Cheeseman truly affect Eggington?

· If the fight turns into a brawl, does Eggington have the power to finish or skill to nullify the experienced Theophane?

· Will fighting on Channel 5 give Eggington the platform to become a household name?

Final Comments

The success of this fight will depend mainly on whether Theophane has anything left to give. Both competitors have exciting talents, and the fight itself is somewhat going under the radar. It is definitely not a tune up fight for Eggington, with this matchmaking showing a sign of intent from Channel 5 and Mick Hennessey. There were some questions asked when he decided to move away from Sky and Matchroom. He has the chance to become a big name, with the added pull of being on terrestrial television and the extra viewership this may bring.

Eggington told Boxing News:

“After my last decision, I’m leaving nothing to the judges. If it goes to the judges, I don’t expect the decision even if I’ve won it quite clearly. I’m not planning that the judges need to be there in any way, shape or form.”

Theophane told ESBR's Mike Walsh:

“I’ve looked at the guys he’s fought and the guys he’s lost to and I think if I can fight anywhere near the way I fought like four years ago, then I believe I can beat him. He might be good at what he does but he’s lost to a lot of guys so he’s not unbeatable. He can lose. I have no more goals. I just want to fight here one more time. I just want to go out in a good fight. If I win or lose, I don’t care. It’s how I perform that I care about.”

Full Interview -

ESBR Staff Predictions:

Liam Potter: “I think Eggington should win. Theophane is a very experienced, travelled boxer and will probably take a few rounds and show glimpses of quality here and there and may scramble the egg a little but Eggington should be able to put the pressure on and walk Ashley down. I think Eggington takes this by decision but don’t rule out a stoppage for the Birmingham man.”

Greg Doyle: “Eggington if he has any aspirations should win late or a comfortable decision. Theophane is tough but if Eggington can still hang with live wires then he should be a bit too tall and busy for a 40-year-old Theophane”

Mike Walsh: “At 40 years old, I think much of the fight will depend on how much Ashley Theophane has left in the tank. He has the superior boxing ability but I think fresh of a controversial loss to Cheeseman, Eggington will be determined to put his name back in the mix and have too much in the fresher engine for Ashley to cope with”.


Date: 11th December 2020

Time: Ring Walk approx. 22:00

Venue: Fly by Nite Studios, Redditch

Channel: Channel 5

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