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Sunny Edwards Dominates Mexican Gallardo, Wins Vacant IBF International Super-Flyweight Title

Sunny Edwards moved to 12-0 on the Dubois/Gorman undercard on Saturday night, dominating Mexican Hiram Gallardo over 10 rounds.

Fighting for the vacant IBF International Super-Flyweight Title, Edwards who is already ranked in the top 15 with the IBF & 5th with the WBO, won’t have done his ranking any harm as he continues on the look-out for big fights.

Boxing clever from the off, all 3 judges awarded Edwards the same scorecard of 99-91, perhaps a round too kind to the Mexican who arrived in London with a record of 12-2.

Barely getting hit at all, Gallardo lost his balance slightly in the 2nd round, falling over and rather harshly being counted for it.

Not needing to being awarded a 10-8 round due to his sheer dominance, Edwards performance couldn’t really be faulted at any point with many insisting after the fight that Edwards was already beyond British Title level.

The quality of movement being one of the many factors contributing towards Edwards victory, the Mexican was unable to draw Edwards into a war apart from a late flurry in the 4th round.

Edwards who has expressed his frustration in fight week over a lack of domestic fights so far in his career, will make a decision over the many paths that he can go down towards the end of 2019.


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